Creating and Publishing Your Own Awesome Open Source Android Libraries


Would you like to start contributing towards open source projects but don’t know where to start? Or have your own project idea but don’t even know where to begin? Based on my experience creating Awesome Material, an open source library based on my earlier Android Bootstrap project which helps developers incorporate Material Design, Bootstrap, and Font Awesome into their apps.

This talk will walk you through with my real world examples:
* How to come up with an awesome open source project idea
* Creating a new Android Studio library project
* How to use it locally inside a sample app
* Considerations for creating your own API’s
* Publishing to jCenter to make it super easy for people to access as a gradle import.
Danielle Emma Vass
Danielle is a freelance mobile developer based in Bath, England with over four years experience specialising in Android. She’s been featured on the front page of Hacker News and the top of GitHub for an Android library she built, Android Bootstrap. She has also co-founded a community interest company, Teach Programming, which aims to inspire the next generation of computer scientists, especially girls, by making programming creative and therefore more fun and enjoyable. Finally, she has also accidentally become a lecturer at Bath College teaching Android mobile development to second year undergraduates.